Wooden Vs. Metal Top Toolchest

When making the perfect choice, you have to consider two tool chests – wooden and metal. However, all these perform the same kind of task – storing your tools for an upcoming task.

A tool chest forms an essential piece of equipment, which is if you are serious about doing tasks around the house. The chest is simply a way to store all the tools and containers in a single place. It allows you to keep the tools organized and easy to retrieve for a specific task.

Having the right kind of tool chest eliminates the hassle you go through each day looking for a missing screw or nut from the previous day’s work.  The chest comes in various sizes and designs; it is you to choose what suits your needs.

The chests highlighted on DIY Toolchests come with various compartments to make sure you can split the tools into separate places. This is ideal for those workers that have hundreds of tools to use.

Today we look at the different kinds of materials used to make the chest, their benefit and why you need to pick one.

Wooden Tool chest

This tool chest is durable because the wood used to make it is treated before use. The chest protects the tools against moisture and dust. The wood absorbs all the water that drips on it, preventing it from reaching the tools.

Metal Tool chest

If you are looking at a material that cannot burn and that will protect your tools without absorbing any moisture into its design, then you need to choose the metal tool chest. It can protect the tools against projectiles.

The tool chest is also sturdy enough to hold heavy items that can otherwise break the toolbox.

Choosing the Right One

Look at your preferences first. You also need to check out the various features that you need to keep the tools safe and get a tool chest that offers these features.

Size is also important because you know the size of your tools and the kind of chest that can suit the tools. Make sure the tool chest has enough compartments to hold the different kinds of tools that you have. The more the compartments, the better, though you reduce the effective space.


The right tool chest makes for easy DIY project and quick completion as well. Take time to understand what you need in terms of size and material.