Why Cleaning Companies Prefer Instagram Over Other Social Platforms

The service sector has not been left out when it comes to utilizing social media to increase brand awareness and market various products. Those who joined early have already established themselves as brands and authorities in various sectors but this does not mean that it is too late to tap in. Cleaning companies that offer services for both residential and business premises are already in this space and using various platforms for business. Instagram remains amongst the most popular platforms and it seems magnetic to cleaning companies. The following are some of the reasons why Instagram is quite popular with cleaning companies

Easy to illustrate

If you have a way to show people how you work, then there are high chances that you will win their hearts. The attention span of humans nowadays is very short and Instagram gives people a chance to capture and send a message within the shortest time possible. You can prepare 60 seconds of clips on the main timeline while Instagram stories can support 15 seconds of videos. Make sure that you capture important aspects on your clip and leave out what might not be of interest. You can share several videos in the stories section if your illustration is long.

No coding experience needed

Instagram developers do the hard work of making the user interface good and welcoming to everyone. Other forms of marketing such as personal selling may require formal training but social media is easy for everyone. You just need to understand your target customers and craft content that fits them and you are good to go. It is crucial that you come up with a strategy that gives let us say cleaning tips on Mondays, promos of products on Fridays and the like. Learn how to balance your content and ensure that you touch on all the areas

It is easy to use growth tools

Most of the accounts that you see with huge followings and high levels of engagement have taken time to be where they are. Most people shun away from new brands and only want to associate with those that have some social proof. Several likes on a post that you make can attract new followers to your account. There are various growth tools that you can use to boost activity levels on your account. TrustAdvisor.io has some user reviews of Audience Gain which is a growth tool that boosts social presence to attract more followers.