Uses of an Impact Driver

An impact driver is a tool that many people find useful around the home, especially during a home renovation. Unknown to many, the impact driver has many uses apart from just renovation. Let us look at the various uses of the impact driver, such as the in the home.

Building Your Deck

When you decide to build a deck, a cordless driver comes into play. Since the wooden deck needs a lot of screws to be put into place, you can use a cordless impact driver for this task. The cordless driver doesn’t strip the heads, regardless of the fastener you are using.

Tighten Your Tire Bolts

For this task, you need a minimum of an 18-volt model. If the mechanic that worked on your tires was careless a bit, you might have to tighten the nuts by yourself. What you need to do is to use the powerful impact driver with the right bit to tighten the bolts. Additionally, if the nuts have been shut tight with rust, take time to knock them loose with the impact driver.

Drilling Holes

With the right chuck adapter or a set of drill bits, you can transform the impact driver into a drill. You can then quickly drill out a few holes in areas where manual drilling cannot work out for you. The impact driver can also be used to sink screws without any effort from you, and it also prevents cracking and splitting.


This is where the impact drill shows its prowess. The cordless drill doesn’t have the power to set the lags without killing its batteries. To get this right, use a drill to make pilot holes to prevent the wood from cracking.

Driving Screws

One of the best ways to drive screws is to use an impact driver. It allows you to drive these screws at high speed and high power. The driver is also easy to handle and use without having to worry about tearing off the screw heads on weaker screws.

Working in Corners and Tight Spaces

Current cordless impact drivers have a bright LED light in front to help you work in tight spaces easily. The light illuminates the area so that you don’t have to hold a flashlight with one hand or need an assistant to do light up the way.

Final Thoughts

The impact driver is one of the versatile pieces of equipment that you need for home renovations and various another task around the home.