Understanding Dot Peen Marking Technology

Direct part marking is an important aspect in the manufacturing industry, especially where traceability is paramount. As one of the most time-consuming processes in production, it is important for the manufacturers to make use of the most efficient technology to speed up the marking process.

One of the most common, reliable, and efficient marking technology available is the dot peen markers. It is a breath of new life to any manufacturing entity as it makes the marking process quite easy and quick. If you need one, you can purchase a dot peen marker from MarkinBox.eu among other reputable suppliers. This article looks further into dot peen marking to help you have a better understanding of this amazing technology.


Dot peen marking units come in three distinct categories, the bench unit, portable unit, and the integrated unit as discussed below.

Bench Unit

Bench units are large and sturdy and are usually mounted on a bench or a table. To mark your products, you will need to take them to the machine. They are accompanied by a set of fixtures to help you mark different types of materials. With these units, you can change the striker pins and marking heads to accommodate your unique requirements.

Portable Units

These are hand-held options that add flexibility to your marking. If you want to mark a large part that is not easy to handle with a bench unit, you can carry your portable unit wherever that part is. They are compatible with your mobile devices making it easy to generate your unique logos or marks via software.

Integrated units

These are integrated into your production line if you have an automated system to streamline the process by marking all parts that pass by the unit.

The type of dot peen marker you choose depends on your needs and the intended use. However, the good thing is that they are all beneficial in different ways as discussed below.

Permanent Marks

This technology leaves unique and permanent marks on your surface. It uses a pin, with which it drills tiny dots on the surface of the product you are marking. The striker pin can be activated by either pneumatic or electric pressure. The marks it makes are deep and permanent to ensure they will last and can also be read with ease. Because of the technology upon which these units are based, they are ideal for marking rigid materials such as hard plastics and metal.


Direct marking was a hard task a number of years back when there weren’t any reliable or efficient solutions. Marking products would take a lot of time which in turn translated into low output and revenue. Traditional marking methods including manual stamping were not only cumbersome and inflexible but also very sluggish. With the need for quick processing always on the rise, Dot peen markers have played a huge role in ensuring that goods are processed in time.