Understanding Circular Saw Blades

Many woodworkers consider circular saw blades to be the most complicated of all the kinds available. These blades come in different sizes and models. The design is the same though – the steel disc has many serrated teeth around the edges and a hole in the center of the disk that fits onto a machine drive shaft.

The teeth of the blade are the ones that give the circular blade its abilities. These teeth are designed to offer a wide range of cutting functions on different materials.

Each blade from Saw Blades Only comes with a specific tooth style, angle, and gullet, and each blade is meant for a specific function. It is therefore imperative that you choose the blade depending on your needs and the material you plan to work upon. The more the number of teeth, the better the performance of the saw.

Performance Considerations

Most of the power of this blade comes from the force that comes about due to the speed of the teeth. For instance, if you have a blade that has a diameter of 250mm and it is spinning at a speed of 4,000 rpm, the speed of the cutting teeth comes at around 190kmph.

Such a speed generates a considerable amount of heat as the teeth slice through the wood.  The amount of heat that is generated also depends upon the condition of the blade and the make, the moisture content of the wood and the kind of wood being cut through.

You might be wondering why the blade doesn’t expand due to the high temperatures that are generated. Well, the design of the blade is such that it has expansion slots that allow it to expand towards the outside as the heat increases.

The Noise

Noise is a factor that you cannot ignore at all. The saw produces a lot of noise as it drives through the wood. The noise is due to the air motion at very high speeds. You can get a lower noise if the saw blade is designed with a special gullet or by use of a dampening treatment.

Bonus Tip: How to Maintain the Saw blade

One of the ways to reduce the maintenance of the saw blade is to buy a high-quality one. High-quality material is durable, and it prevents the saw from breaking down any time soon.

You can also increase the performance of the saw by making sure you oil the moving parts. Additionally, keep the blades sharp for peak performance.