Top Twitter Marketing Mistakes

You have successfully created your twitter account…what comes next? You need to grow your following to enjoy the various benefits this social media platform offers.

Twitter is one of the sites that allow you as a business to market and advertise your services and products without the need for expensive resources or additional workforce.

Let’s say you have put all the efforts into the business, you have posted tweet after tweet, daily for more than a month.

But no one follows you.

For you to gain more leverage and make headway with your business, you need to have an audience. This audience is the one that will share your tweets and market your products.

You need to find the right way to do this otherwise you might not make it in the cut-throat social media marketing platform.

Today we look at the different mistakes you are making on Twitter that make your efforts go to waste.

Posting at Anytime

You need to tweet at the time when your audience is online and active. Posting when you feel like will attract only a few followers, which is not what you want at all. What you need to do instead is to make sure you understand the different times when your audience is online and send them tweets.

This provides the best engagement rates for your content.

Your Profile is Boring

No one wants to follow a user that doesn’t have the time to fix their profiles. If your bio doesn’t raise comments and messages from users once in a while, then you are just another Twitter user – nothing else to it.

Long Tweets

Twitter has limited you to a number of characters for every post since it is designed for people that are on the go. If the tweets are too long, then users won’t bother to read them. Make sure you make the tweets short and to the point. Studies show that short tweets get 17 percent higher engagement than long tweets.

Ignoring Automation

Most busy people are lagging behind in marketing because they don’t use automation in their Twitter accounts. To make headway faster than ever, you need a top Twitter bot for this task.

In Closing

Twitter is one of the tools that you can use to extend your business. Take time to understand what tasks you need to make your twitter posts go viral. Additionally, Work with a good bot to achieve more than you can ever imagine.