Tools for Spying on Your Neighbor

Think your neighbor is up to something fishy? What if he pulled a “Walter White” stunt and built a meth lab? What if he is harboring a fugitive?

An easy solution to this is to walk up to him and ask him – plain and simple. But if he refuses to give you a straight answer, a clever thing to do is to get your hands dirty.

Let’s explore some “tools of the trade”.

Hidden Cameras

First off are these — the most popular “spy tools”.

Hidden cameras are great because of their design. They were crafted exactly for this purpose. They are meant to reveal a situation exactly as it is, without causing alarm.

Nowadays, it’s a big plus that wireless hidden cameras are available. With them, you no longer have to worry about a tangible attachment to a power source. This, in turn, increases the efficiency of a session.

Imagine needing to work with a wiring system when you have to spy on people?

But of course, there are cons to these wireless hidden cameras, too. They can run out of battery and quit recording midway.

And if your neighbor sees a hidden camera – wireless or otherwise, you’re doomed. If he finds out that you’re behind the “shenanigan”, good luck in trying to restore the lack of trust that he now brands you with.

The Age of Drones

And with regard to hidden cameras, you should also want a drone in your arsenal.

After all, a drone comes with advantages. The Information Sciences departments at many universities (including this one from Penn State University) think the same way.

It is usually small and, therefore, can fit into tiny spaces. It can fly into a building undetected.

For one, there’s the Syma X5SW Camera Quadcopter. It’s decent-looking and relatively affordable. It can give you up to eight minutes of flight, too.

For a closer look at this tool, just hit this address: There, you can check out a review about it!

Conclusion: Spying Is Not a Good Idea

Spying on your neighbor is fun. It is, however, not a good idea, at all. In fact, you can get in trouble with the law for it.

So even if you think you have the best reason for spying, you should consider pulling the plug on the activity. Just be aware of these tools and what they can do. When the time comes that you need to mingle in your neighbor’s business, that’s when you bring them in!