Speed Up The Cooking Process With Right Blenders

Blender is a very common kitchen tool which is required in daily life. It can grind anything that you like in a matter of seconds. Blender can help you in the preparation of food and make your cooking very efficient. You can save a lot of time by using the kitchen blender. If you think purchasing a blender is an easy task to perform then you are surely wrong. It is due to the fact that there are several of them that have different features. So, you need to find the one that meets your requirements.

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Types of blenders

There are two different types of blenders, countertop blender and Immersion blender.

Countertop blender – this type of blender is also known as jar or a jug blender. This type of blender is most popular and dominating in the market because in the household work this type of blender is widely used. You can easily get this type of blender in any supermarket or online store. This blender is very cheap and mostly used for preparing the milkshakes, puree and others. In this type of blender, you get different types of speed options also.

Immersion blender – this type of blender is mostly preferred by the professional chefs and bakers. This blender also works like a countertop blender but it has a handle whose shape is like an egg- beater.  This blender has a swirling blade at the bottom which is used to mix flour and eggs together. This blender can also be used for making soups, shakes and also grind vegetables that are not so hard.

How to choose a blender?

Here are some points which you need to keep in mind while purchasing the blender –

  • Prefer a blender which has an option of blade removal because non removable blade is hard to clean. It also poses the threat of getting injured while cleaning it.
  • You can also look for the number of jars provided with the blender. Generally, the blenders come with two jars, one that is small having less capacity and the other which is large having high capacity. Depending on the blending task you can use the jars.
  • Another feature that you can look for is the noiseless operation. The high noise creating blenders create a lot of disturbance while someone is sleeping or concentrating on work.