Know About The Best Wood Kinds Before Getting Your Wine Cellar Constructed

Confused while choosing your wine cellar material and styles! You can select the best one from many options available at the stores or shopping websites. You can visit the websites that solely devote themselves to wine cellar construction and selling, for example Many of the wine cellar makers use wood, glass, iron or etched glass for construction purpose. However, wood is the most popularised material used for constructing a wine rack. Variety of strong and long-lasting species are used for making of wine cellars; a majority of makers use Mahogany, Rosewood, Cherry, Walnut, Sapele, Oak, Maple, Rustic Alder, Redwood, Wenge and Padouk.

Texture and colour of wood gives beauty to the wine cellar

Mahogany is among the best quality hardwoods, which generally comes in reddish brown colour. Cellars made of this wood are guaranteed to be long-lasting. Rosewood is a very special exotic and beautiful wood that is rich in colour. This dark-coloured wood is dense and lasts for long, and gives a unique look to the wine cellar made of it. Another dense wood species with marvellous and rich grain is cherry. It is of two types Clear Cherry and All- Heart Cherry; the first one exhibits clearly distinct tone contrast, and the second one portrays reddish colour all over.

Walnut wood is obtained from Walnut fruit’s tree, and has stately brown colour, when a cellar is carved out of it, the look obtained is really majestic. A Walnut is of two types, Clear Walnut with distinct tone contrasts and All-Heart Walnut that has no sapwood like Clear Walnut and therefore, portrays brown colour throughout. Sapele wood resembles in Mahogany is many aspects, such as reddish brown colour and rich wood grain. It is in a similar way an ideal choice for constructing wine cellars. Oak is another wood rich in texture and colour, and in case it is White Oak, one can carve a very attractive piece of wine cellar from it. Some of the excellent features of Oak are ultra density and resilience. Due to its longevity, it is one of the favourite woods among furniture-makers.

Maple is a high-density wood with decorative grain, and is also long-lasting by nature. Its grain is paired with whitish yellow hues, which makes it a luxurious kind of wood species. Rustic Alder is a wood with rustic features and wood knots that   ease the carving of designs on it. Redwood is a long-lasting wood species that comes in two kinds, Clear Redwood and All-Heart Redwood. Wenge is a hardwood used for constructing wine cellars; it is of intense brown colour and with dramatic wood grain style and coarse texture. Padouk is an African red-coloured wood with red tints and coarse texture, it is applied with lacquer finish to give an amazing looking cellar.