Is It Possible to Grow Plants Indoors During Winter?

Growing plants indoors in winter is an exciting and fun practice. All you need is to have adequate light, the right kind of plants, containers and stable indoor temperature. There are several kinds of plants that you can grow indoors during winter; the choice is yours to make.

Plants that Thrive in winter

You need to choose the right kind of plants to grow in winter. These plants need to adapt to your indoor environment. You need to consider the amount of time you have for the care of the plants and their maintenance.

Choose from your favourite kind of plants or look for those that are recommended for this season. You can talk to the landscaping company to understand what choices you have.

One of the best plants to grow in winter is herbs. These herbs can act as both decorative and useful. Imagine plucking a few herbs from your indoor containers to use in recipes. You can use the herbs in cooking various meals.

Rosemary grows well indoors. The herb grows well and tall and is an evergreen tree that will give you what you need all year long. You can grow the rosemary in a container to make it decorative. You can also consider sage, basil, savoury, chervil and thyme indoors.

Vegetables That Grow Indoors

You can get unlimited success when you plant salad vegetables indoors during winter. Lettuce, radishes, chicory, and spinach work well indoors. However, make sure you have rich potting soil for the plants. You can also grow tomatoes in such situations.

However, choose vegetables that take a short time to mature. For instance, look for tomato species that take a few weeks to be ready for harvest. Various species take between 4 and six weeks to mature.

Caring for the Plants and Vegetables

It doesn’t take much to care for these plants and vegetables in winter. All you need is the right plan and design, enough space, sun and moisture and the right indoor air temperature.

For light, you need to have LED lights that mimic natural sunlight because it is a fact that during winter there is less natural light filtering through. Take care to understand the various spectrums that the plants flourish in and provide the light. This is why it is ideal to choose a LED light source from Lumi Growth that provides a broad light spectrum that covers all plant needs.

In Closing

You can enjoy your hobby of growing and tending to plants in your home even during winter. All you need is the right kind of light source, and plants that thrive during this season.