How To Stand Out As A Copywriter On Instagram

How many social media platforms do you operate? An average person has at least 3 social media platforms which he or she uses on a daily basis. Among these platforms, Instagram always ranks among the most popular simply because of its ease of use and its visual nature. Copywriters have found a new nest in this platform which they use to market their services and create a community of followers. Such people have discovered the potential that this platform has over others when it comes to marketing. The following are some of the tips on how to stand out as a copywriter on Instagram.

    1. Invest in quality content

Most of the famous profiles that you see on Instagram invest so much in the quality of their posts. Do not expect to post shoddy content and get conversions that make your brand grow. If you decide to take short videos, invest in a good camera or even hire a professional to do it for you. Hire a graphic designer to prepare infographics that show all the fine details that you want to display on your flyers. You can watermark your graphics to protect them from unauthorized use that is so common in the online space.

    1. Use growth tools

Do not expect to open an Instagram account today and have a million followers by tomorrow. Those who have hundreds of thousands of followers have taken time to be where they are today. Unless you are a celebrity, growing your account from zero might take long but remember that you still have bills to pay. The only wise option to escape the struggle is through growing your account using automation tools. The topic of buying followers welcomes lots of discussions but Fred has blogged about this extensively to ensure that you land on the best growth tool.

    1. Work on your profile

Smart Instagram users ensure that they display everything that people need to know on their profiles. The choice of the profile picture to use on your profile will depend on your taste and preferences. You can decide to use your image or a graphic that shows the name of your business. The bio section allows you to insert a link that can drive people to your sales page or your writer website. Check some of the leading copywriters to learn how to make a killer profile. Ensure that you update your profile on a regular basis.