Five Questions to Ask When Shopping for Bluetooth Speakers

Selecting the right Bluetooth speaker is not an easy job, especially with several brands that have flooded the market recently. It is disappointing to ruin your party with a non-performing speaker. For that reason, you should have a guide, which can expose the features, price, and other factors that you need to make a wise purchasing decision. The following are five most important factors to consider when you are out to shop for the right Bluetooth speaker.

Is the speaker portable?

This question relates to where you intend to use the speaker quite often. Is it in your workplace, home, or a field demo? Bluetooth speakers are available in all sizes, and with a careful shopping, you can easily get what best suits your interests. Whether you want something to carry around during camping or a picnic, or a stationary device to play music from your tablet or phone, it is available in the market. In fact, you could get more advice on Bluetooth speakers at

Does it have the right volume?

Purpose and personal preference dictate the choice of volume for your speaker. If you buy a speaker to use at parties, you definitely need a higher volume for that kind of entertainment. On the other hand, if you just need soft background music when you are engrossed in a painting or drawing activity, then you just need a medium capacity speaker. Remember also that speakers with the loudest volumes require higher power output.

How good is the audio quality?

A speaker with a good volume but poor sound quality will not bring out the best level of entertainment. That is why frequency response is an important consideration when buying a portable speaker. How does your preferred speaker reproduce sound? Consider the range indicated on the speaker and decide whether it will meet your objectives.

Does it connect with non-Bluetooth sources?

While the main idea behind a Bluetooth speaker is to use Bluetooth operation, it would be better if the speaker can connect seamlessly to devices without Bluetooth. Some speakers come with that provision while others don’t. For example, a Bluetooth speaker with an AUX port can easily play music from iPods, CD players, or desktop computers. Besides, some models of Bluetooth speakers can play music from micro SD cards and flash drives. Check out these specifics before you buy to ensure that you get what you need.

Can the speaker perform multiple tasks?

While its main purpose is to produce sound, a good speaker can offer more than just that. Some models of Bluetooth speakers are able to offer FM radio function or alarm system. Others allow you to connect to your phone through a hands-free function, which enables you to receive calls via the speaker. Even with such added functionalities, you will still be able to get high-quality music from the speakers.

Finally, yet importantly, you need to find a Bluetooth speaker that can meet your requirements. It could be a small and simple model or a large and multifunction device.