Boxed Hair Dyes for Wedding to Try Out

Boxed Hair Dyes for Wedding to Try Out

So you want to get experimental with your hair on the big day? Why not? After all, we’re living in the era of standing out from the crowd and what a better way to do it than to start from the top. Yes, we’re talking about dying your hair as you walk down the aisle.

But, first things first – if you’re still struggling to get a wedding singer, this article is worth a read to help set the ball rolling. Moving on, here’s a round of boxed hair dyes for weddings worth your attention.

L’Oreal Paris Feria Hair Color

It doesn’t get better than L’Oreal Paris, a brand name that has been doing rounds in the beauty industry for well over a century. With such a reputation, you’d expect the Feria collection to stand out, and sure it does.  Available in four hues, the Feria allows you to “live in color.” It is for the bold and colorful, those who are keen to set the trend.

Arguably one of the best cheap boxed hair dyes for brown hair, the Feria boasts brand-exclusive Color Booster technology to guarantee you a rich, radiant luster from the root to the tip. Apply it on your hair and expect nothing short of multifaceted, intensified results with up to three times highlights.

Be sure to use this dye together with the Power Shimmer Conditioner so that your hair doesn’t get ravaged or wrecked.

Clairol Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color

Look no further than this hair dye if you’d like to cover the grays of your hair. Featuring the patented CloerBlend technology, the Clairol Nice ‘n Easy hair color undertakes to give you three complimentary highlights and lowlights, making your grays unnoticeable. What’s more? The rich tones will remain on your strands for an astounding eight weeks! Now, that’s a five-star performance for sure.

The Clairol Nice ‘n Easy hair dye is, just as the name suggests, easy to use. It will give three salon-quality tones in one simple step within thirty minutes. And to offer even more value for your bucks, its box also comes with a ColorSeal Conditioning Gloss to help you lock in the color and the glossy look. In simpler terms, Nice ‘n Easy dye has everything you need to bring life back to your hair, complete with dimension and depth.

Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Color

This formula by Garnier indeed deserves mention in the best wedding hair colors list. It is one of the very few blends that will nourish your hair other than making it colorful. It comes in forty-five shades to match the coloring needs of any hair from blonde to black and anything in between.

Nonetheless, for results that won’t disappoint, we recommend that you choose the hues that fall between black and extra light blonde. If you don’t mind to experiment, however, you can go for the dramatic colors that are easily noticeable. And, speaking of nourishing your hair, the Nutrisse packs a fruit oil concentrate that works by penetrating deep into your scalp allowing your hair to soak the color better.

In conclusion, don’t forget to get a conditioner enriched with Shea, olive and avocado oils to prevent dryness. Happy wedding!