Monthly Archives: May 2018

Wooden Vs. Metal Top Toolchest

When making the perfect choice, you have to consider two tool chests – wooden and metal. However, all these perform the same kind of task – storing your tools for an upcoming task. A tool chest forms an essential piece of equipment, which is if you are serious about doing tasks around the house. The […]

Splitting Wood in Winter

Winter comes with its issues, and you need to be tactical to handle them the right way. One of the problems that dazzle homeowners is the issue of freezing equipment. Imagine waking up one day, and the log splitter is frozen solid, yet you need some wood urgently, what do you do? If you have […]

Understanding Circular Saw Blades

Many woodworkers consider circular saw blades to be the most complicated of all the kinds available. These blades come in different sizes and models. The design is the same though – the steel disc has many serrated teeth around the edges and a hole in the center of the disk that fits onto a machine […]

How to Install a Wireless Thermostat in the Home

With a wireless thermostat, you are looking at better control of your heating and cooling and more savings regarding energy costs. If you have just remodelled your home, or you have installed a new HVAC unit, you need a thermostat that works well for you. Let us look at the installation of the wireless thermostat […]

Are You Looking for a Compound Mitre Stand? Here is a Quick Guide

Here is a typical scene – you are ready to start cutting for your next project and you feel you need a mitre saw for the task, but you don’t know how to start. You are looking at a mitre saw that can handle a wide variety of jobs quickly and efficiently. Don’t mind; we […]

Considerations to Make when You Buy a Water Sensor

A significant challenge facing homeowners today is water damage. A water heater, a burst pipe or a leaky appliance can make you fork out thousands of dollars in repairs. Fortunately, you have various kinds of smart devices that won’t just detect the leak for you but will also tell you and then shut off the […]

Is It Possible to Grow Plants Indoors During Winter?

Growing plants indoors in winter is an exciting and fun practice. All you need is to have adequate light, the right kind of plants, containers and stable indoor temperature. There are several kinds of plants that you can grow indoors during winter; the choice is yours to make. Plants that Thrive in winter You need […]